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So just what is JamCraft, anyway?

It is a hobbyist activity that consists of producing content or add-ons for the Microsoft Combat Flight Simulator series.

Additionally, JamCraft produces custom software installation packages utilizing Wise Installation System 9 Professional.

My other virtual home is the Chaps virtual Squadron:


While JamCraft is owned by Joe Amodea, the work you see represented here is substantially the work of a partnership between Joe Amodea and Jorge Alsina.  No one person can do all that is necessary to produce this intricate and painstaking work.  More on the subject of partnership and community will be explored within  other pages of this site.

Site development is slowly coming along as I divide my "extracurricular time between this site and building a business site for my company in a parallel activity.

IDoA FAQs Updated May 9th 2002.

The link below to "In Defense of Australia - 1942"  is now active!  .  .  .  Is this a 'beta' version or the real thing?  .  .  .  Inquiring minds want to know!  .  .  .  See for yourself!  .  .  .  Distinguish betwen FAQ and fiction  .  .  .  Constructive feedback is always welcome!

P-40E Warhawk over Port Moresby
early 1942

Piloted by ace Lt. Sammy A. Pierce, the original of this virtual aircraft flew in Darwin, Australia and in the Port Moresby area of New Guinea. The model is one of nine under construction in the JamCraft hangar.

Pierce was a member of the "8-Ballers," the 8th Pursuit Squadron of the 49th Pursuit Group, later re-designated the 49th Fighter Group. During his second tour he flew another "Kay the Strawberry Blonde," a P-40N-20, eventually ending his tour flying P-38s of the same name.

Site Updates

April saw the switch-over from a site-builder tool to MS Front Page.  Slowly, over the course of the next weeks, I will be adding content to the site.

The next step will be to add a thematic links page or pages and then on to content building related to recent, present and near-term JamCraft projects.

Look for follow-up pages on the subject of RAAF 75 Squadron and related matters as well as new information on the USAAC 49th P.G. (F.G.)

The obligatory vanity pages that say something about the author will be added as well,

Visitors are welcome to participate in discussion over at the JamCraft forum held at the Chaps website.

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It was customary back then to name the aircraft after a wife or "girl" back home. The left side of the front cowl was reserved for the pilot and the right side was available for his crew chief. One must wonder what the chief had in mind as he painted "Pistoff Pat" on the opposite side!

Below, Capt. Andy J. Reynolds, lethal blue flight leader of the 9th F.S. "Flying Knights," scored his ninth and final victory in his trusty "Star Dust," leading the group of Clay Tice, Jack Donaldson and "Big" John Landers July of 1942.

Project Development Reports

Coming week of April 21, 2002 . . .

The highly acclaimed CFS2 Expansion Pack "In Defence of Australia - 1942" has been enhanced with a new release of version 2.0.

Jorge Alsina has updated the original 14 RAAF missions and he has added a "reverse campaign" of 14 missions from the Japanese viewpoint.

I have made a major upgrade to the Kittyhawk Ia model.  Details on the Chaps web site and in the Read all about it here link below.

Joe Amodea

The  image below will link to the download as soon as it is ready and activated!


The two links below are now active!

May 3,2002 - Is this really it now?

Read all about the project here!




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